Winter Has Arrived 

WOW!  I do not like cold weather!  I am used to hanging out in the jungle!  I may have to try to sneak into town to buy some bananas.  But I'm not real sure if the grocery stores will let a monkey come in.  I guess I should have been saving my bananas so I would have some extra this time of year.

Have you been saving your money in case you need it for something?  I sure hope you have plenty in your Save Jar!

Do you have some fun plans for this winter?  I hope you saved enough money to buy your friends and family some nice Christmas gifts.  I just love Christmas because I love giving people things that make them smile.  If you you do not have much money saved, then you can make some super cool gifts.  I love making home made cards to give to my friends.  And they just love getting them! 

Have a fun time making people smile! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Joe the Monkey


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